About the pizza class


Do you want to impress your friends by cooking a classic Neapolitan pizza in the comfort of your own home? Napizza’s pizza chefs hold one on one pizza classes for yourself or a group of budding pizza lovers, to demonstrate the Italian knack of creating the perfect pizza. 

Group Pizza Classes: event organised on Facebook weekly. To book check our Facebook page (napizzauk) and message us with name, number of people attending and phone number. 


The course consists in the preparation of a Margherita, explanation of main ingredients and dough, stretching of the dough and baking of the dough in our wood fired oven. 


Price £10/person 



This class is for those who want to learn how to prepare the dough and how to make the best pizza. You will join us for 4 days where you will practice the making of the dough and the baking. You will need to attend at least two consecutive days as first day you will make the dough and next day you will prepare the pizzas. 


The hours can be arrange based on availability. 


Price for Private Pizza Class £70