Our Story

Everybody loves pizza, there is no doubt about it. But when Alex came to Scotland he realised that people had a really bad idea about pizza. When they would think about ordering a pizza they would immediately think of something tasty but at the same time unhealthy. This came as a shock to him and he decided to do something about it.

 After you’ve tried the pizza…  is hard to accept anything else!

Pizza margherita

That’s how Napizza started. The food available in Stirling had made him reflect on the very low standard of food available. He noticed a gap in the market for this kind of food but most importantly he came to realise that people weren’t getting the quality they deserved for the money they paid. This was a great opportunity for Alex, as a pizza lover to bring this amazing food to Stirling. Together with Elpidio, they decided that Napizza had to be different and most importantly HEALTHIER than any pizza on the market.

Napizza had to be different and most importantly healtier than any pizza on the market

In fact, Napizza is an easy to digest dish with a low amount of calories, good for your health, highest digestive tolerance and intense flavour. Moreover, Napizza carefully selects its ingredients from the best Southern Italy products.

After understanding how the amazing world of pizza worked (from making to serving) Elpidio and Alex were amazed and very excited about starting their business together.


It is important for us to know that you are well informed about what you are eating and that our product will have a positive impact on your health



Co-Owner and Director

Alex is co-owner of Napizza and a student of International Politics and Modern Languages at the University of Stirling. After finishing high school, Alex got married at the age of 20 with Inga and they are currently living in the beautiful city of Stirling (Scotland). Alex and Inga met in Ischia (an Island in the gulf of Naples) and traveled the world together for one year before finally getting married in 2012. The name Napizza came to Alex after listening a song by a famous Neapolitan singer Pino Daniele, Fatte na Pizza (Make yourself a pizza). The name also recalls the home town of the pizza: Napoli.

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Elpidio is a business man and he owns multiple boutiques around the world but he has always been a great fan of pizza. So much that he fell in love with pizza since the age of five. When Alex came to him with the proposal in September 2015, Elpidio immediately accepted to get involved and felt that finally he had the chance to do something that he always dreamed of. Quite immediately he started looking for the necessary contacts and he has been able to put in place an incredible network of pizza artists, veg, flour, oven and other ingredients suppliers. All chosen carefully to remain loyal to Napizza mission of delivering a healthy and genuine product.

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