Our Products

Our products come from a short chain production and are controlled, by family run businesses that adopt the organic and do not use Gmos, foraging their livestock healthy and feeding them naturally. The list of certified products is long and constantly evolving, varies with the change of seasons and demand of the market. But, we guarantee that with us you will find an authentic organic taste of Italy in each of our pizzas.

The flour

If you want to talk about “pizza gourmet”, the following requirements shall be satisfied:

1) Good smell

2) Intense flavour

3) Highest dough digestibility

4) Good for your bowel

These main features are respected by a unique guaranteed product: Petra flour. A 100% genuine Italian product, the best traceability and the chance of visiting the fields where the “Wheat” grows. Our 0, 1 and 2 flour type are produced with great care of wheat germ during transformation, which gives the dough an intense flavour. This make the pizza a great experience at first taste