If it is delicious, authentic Neapolitan pizza your taste-buds are craving, Napizza works to produce the best Italian pizza, made solely from natural Italian products. Bringing a little taste of Napoli to Scotland is what Napizza has done and continues to do every day since 2016, when their charming blue door opened to the people of Stirling.

In Napizza’s logo, you will see Mount Vesuvius, which is a somma-stratovolcano in the Gulf of Naples and the chilli, also known as the cornicello, which is the national amulet for the Neapolitan people. This Italian horn is commonly worn around one’s neck, emanating good luck to the one who wears it. The interior of Napizza includes little traces of what makes Naples one of Italy’s most famous cities. You will be immersed in scrumptiously good food, surrounded by hints of the beloved metropolitan area.

Outside Italy, many people are unaware of what a truly authentic and ‘real’ pizza is, believing that by eating pizza, you are stuffing your face with food which is unhealthy and dripping in grease. In fact, pizza is just the opposite, with the first ever pizza being invented in Naples in the 19th century, a true Neapolitan pizza is made from the ingredients of flour, water, yeast, and salt. Adding fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella gives a simple, yet healthy and mouth-wateringly delicious pizza that will leave everyone reaching for one more slice.